HCR 210 week 8 words and meanings

HCR 210 week 8 words and meanings - 7. plaintiff-...

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HCR-210 week 8 words and meanings 1. Assault- assault is when you physically harm another person 2. Breach of confidentiality- this is where you speak of another person to someone other than the person involved. 3. confidentiality- when you are suppose to keep this disclosed, and not talk to others about the issue 4. contracts- legal binding papers between people 5. Emancipated minor- when a minor goes through the courts to live on their own away from their parents 6. digital- uses numbers instead of hands on a clock
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Unformatted text preview: 7. plaintiff- complainant in a court room 8. Defendant-a person who a charge is brought against 9. Battery- criminal act against another person using physical contact. 10. Coroner- someone who examine and picks up dead bodies 11. Court order-a person has to do what the judge says 12. Negligence- failure to care for a person 13. Security- makes safe 14. Common Law- The unwritten law 15. Decrypt- to decode...
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