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Internet Databases Melissa Williams September 26 2011 HCR/210-Elizabeth Sage When I first read about medical records transferring to an online data base I automatically began to think of what could go wrong into day’s technological world. As technology progresses we try to keep up which is what brings me to the reasons why we should not in trust our personal information to the internet. The main thing that worries me about having or medical records on line is how easy people can hack into internet files. I personally believe that we will not be able to keep our medical records as safe as we do when we keep them on paper because they have physical protection. If someone fines a way to access or information online hundreds of thousands of people’s information will be at risk. I realize that by putting our records
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Unformatted text preview: on line we will be reducing medical errors and no matter what doctor we go to they will be fully informed over your medical history. Some people even say that we will save money because all of our medical documents will be in one place but I do not think so. As technology advances we to must advance or risk our records being accessed by someone with computer skills and if that happens identity theft can happen. In order to keep our records safe we will need to upgrades on the softer at regular bases which continually cost money and I do not believe that we will really be saving money. I personally do not believe that our information will be safe I believe that keeping that type of information online is asking for trouble which is what I believe we will get if we transfer all of our medical records online....
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