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Portable Home oxygen Unit QM The item is a portable home oxygen unit that that patient takes home and is authorized by the provider of services. Emergency ambulance transport and extended life support QN The ambulance transported the patient per the provider’s request. Diagnostic mammogram, left breast GG The patient had a diagnostic mammogram of the left breast. Cortisone 10 mg injection, right shoulder RT This code represents a procedure done on the right side of the body. Non-electric wheelchair GY This item is not covered by
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Unformatted text preview: Medicare benefits. Intravenous catheter line (PICC), right arm RT This is a procedure done on the right side of the body. Laboratory certification, cytology specimens TC This procedure is performed using technical equipment. Chest X-Ray TC Again, this is a procedure that uses technical equipment. Prosthetic hip replacement, left side LT This procedure is done to the left side of the body. Electric hospital bed GY This equipment is not covered by Medicare....
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