Week 7 Assignment - Week 7 Assignment: Evaluating...

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Week 7 Assignment: Evaluating Compliance Strategies The medical billing and coding process is made up of several important steps. It is important to properly follow each step to avoid errors and problems. At the conclusion of a patients visit, the doctor prepares and signs all the documentation for medical billing. Next, the medical codes and transaction codes are prepared and posted in the management program and the claims are prepared. It is very important that the claims are prepared in compliance with state and federal laws and the requirements that have been set forth by the patient’s payer. Making sure claims are correct is an important step. Correct claims can reduce the chance of the medical facility being investigated for fraud and reduces the risk of liability on the part of the practice should an investigation take place. The doctors are dependent on their office staff to process patient’s bill on their behalf correctly because they normally do not personally look at the bills to make sure they are complete and correct prior to being submitted to the payers. If the claim is submitted incorrectly, the doctor may not receive all the payment they should receive due to the error. There are several errors that could be possible during the billing and coding process. Problems that during this process can lead to rejected claims. Truncated coding is the use of a diagnosis code that is not as specific as possible, and is one problem in the billing and coding
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Week 7 Assignment - Week 7 Assignment: Evaluating...

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