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After reviewing my documents from weeks three and four, I found that so far I have only a few words I would need to define. The phrase APR is used a lot in my essay and according to the Webster’s dictionary this means: annual percentage rates which is the yearly cost of a loan, including interest mainly applied to credit cards or mortgages. Another would be epidemic this is when something is affecting many individuals in an area or a population at the same time. But since learning about definition writing I am aware of the fact that I may need to define some word that I am using. As I finish my essay I know I will have to come up with more definitions, to add to my work but I don’t think that it will be that difficult being that there are a lot of unique words that I have seen to describe different aspects of credit card debt. Having the definitions will he me as well as the reader understand the topic. I most definitely will use compare and contrast, and I think that using compare and contrast in
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