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GLY 220: Physical Geology Exam 3 Review Sheet What to expect Exams for GLY 220 are composed of 50 multiple-choice questions. The only thing you need to bring to the exam is a Number 2 pencil with an eraser. You do NOT need to buy scantrons; I provide these for you free of charge. No calculators are required or permitted. The exam will not be administered until everyone has left personal items (backpacks, purses, cell phones, etc.) at the front of the class, cleared their desk, and stopped talking. You may keep cell phones in your pocket, but if they are seen at any time during the exam, you will automatically receive a zero; you will not need to access your cell phone to keep track of time as I will have a clock projected on the screen. When you are finished, please turn in both your exam and answer sheet to me at the front of the class. Students arriving to class 15 minutes after the start of the exam will not be permitted to take the exam, and will receive a zero. Remember, however, that your lowest exam score will be dropped immediately after midterm. Material covered on the exam Exam 3 will cover all material discussed in lecture from “Glaciers” to “Plate Tectonics”. “All material discussed in lecture” includes everything we discussed in class, including any videos, whether or not it appears on the PowerPoints. For example, some slides in my PowerPoints are photographs or maps without much accompanying text; what I said in class while those slides were on the screen is fair game on the exam. I hope you took good notes of that material! In the bulleted listing below, I list a summary of the topics you should focus on for Exam 3. Some students misunderstand the purpose of this list, so I have added these important disclaimers: 1. The bulleted items are not questions you will see on the exam; they are merely a topical summary of the material that we covered in class . My job is to ask fair questions ascertaining your knowledge and understanding of this material. In one sense, none of it is any “more important” than any other, so I will not tell you what is “important” to know and what you can ignore and forget. Most of my questions will test your knowledge, and to a lesser extent application, of this material. Other questions will test your application of skills learned during this course (i.e., how to recognize various geologic features from photographs, etc.). 2. The questions on the exam are more detailed than the topics listed below . Remember, everything discussed in class is fair game, including some details. To help you appreciate this, I have included some sample questions from a previous exam I gave for this class at the end of this review sheet (I will not give you answers to these questions, as you can find them yourself from your notes). These questions may or may not occur on this year’s exam.
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