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Chapter 4 Individual speaking exam. (10 pts.) Students choose one of the following questions at random. The answer will be graded according to the following scale: 1–2 points: Student is unable to use any of the target vocabulary or structures appropriately. 3–4 points: Student uses a minimum vocabulary, pronunciation is difficult to understand, target structure is attempted with little success. 5–6 points: Student uses some appropriate vocabulary, pronunciation is understood by sympathetic listener, target structure is attempted with some success. 7–8 points: Student uses mostly appropriate vocabulary and structures, can be understood by native speakers. 9–10 points: Student uses a variety of appropriate vocabulary and structures, can be understood by native speakers. Situation
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Unformatted text preview: #1: Make a comparison between two of your classes, discussing their comparative difficulty, level of interest, etc., telling what you do in each class and making statements regarding the amount of certain activities in one class as compared to the other. Situation #2: Your sorority or fraternity, or another organization on campus, is planning a fashion show for a fund-raiser. Tell what several of your friends are wearing for the fashion show, describing the colors and material of their articles of clothing. Mention the amount of money you are going to have after the fundraiser. Situation #3: You invite another student to a restaurant for lunch. Tell what you food and drinks you prefer in this restaurant, what you are going to order, and why. Also discuss the price of various items....
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