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Chapter 13 Individual speaking exam. (10 pts.) Students choose one of the following questions at random. The answer will be graded according to the following scale: 1–2 points: Student is unable to use any of the target vocabulary or structures appropriately. 3–4 points: Student uses a minimum vocabulary, pronunciation is difficult to understand, target structure is attempted with little success. 5–6 points: Student uses some appropriate vocabulary, pronunciation is understood by sympathetic listener, target structure is attempted with some success. 7–8 points:
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Unformatted text preview: Student uses mostly appropriate vocabulary and structures, can be understood by native speakers. 9–10 points: Student uses a variety of appropriate vocabulary and structures, can be understood by native speakers Situation #1: Tu amigo está muy deprimido. Dale unos consejo y sugerencias para alegrarlo y recomendaciones para cambiar su vida. Situation #2: Eres entrenador personal. Prepara los mandatos que vas a usar en tu primera clase de ejercicios aeróbicos. Situation #3: Habla de las cosas en tu futuro que te dan miedo, que temes o que esperas....
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