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Unformatted text preview: Nombre _________________________________________ Fecha ________________ Dmelo t!, 6 th ed., Captulo 3, Examen A 1 CAPTULO 3 Examen A I. Comprensin auditiva La fiesta. (10 pts.2 ea.) Sonia is having a party at her house. Listen to her conversation with Eduardo and answer the questions. _____ 1. The occasion for the party is . . . a. to celebrate the end of classes. b. to celebrate Sonias birthday. c. to celebrate a Spanish national holiday. d. to celebrate Sonias parents anniversary. _____ 2. At the party, Adela is . . . a. singing with Pedro. b. dancing the flamenco. c. eating tapas. d. drinking wine. _____ 3. For refreshments, Sonia is serving . . . a. beer. b. tacos. c. paella. d. a Spanish omelette. _____ 4. Eduardo thinks that . . . a. Adela plays the guitar well. b. Adela is good-looking. c. Adela sings well. d. Adela is nervous. _____ 5. Sonia says that now they are going to . . . a. drink some wine. b. dance the paso doble. c. sing together. d. decorate some tapas. Nombre _________________________________________ Fecha ________________ Dmelo t!, 6 th ed., Captulo 3, Examen A 2 II. Gramtica A. Present progressive. (14 pts.2 ea.) During the party, Sonia receives a call from her friend Natalia, who was unable to attend. Natalia asks what everyone at the party is doing. To find out what Sonia tells her, fill in the spaces below with the appropriate form of the present progressive. La fiesta es muy divertida. En la cocina, Rita (1) _______________ ____________________ (decorar) las tapas, y en el patio, nuestros amigos (2) _______________ ____________________ (bailar). Todos nosotros (3) _______________ ____________________ (beber) gaseosas y (4) _______________ ____________________ (comer) pizza. Y, claro, yo (5) _______________ ____________________ (hablar) por telfono. Todos nosotros lo (6) _______________ ____________________ (pasar) en grande, pero, como siempre, Ral no participa en las actividades de la fiesta. l (7) _______________ ____________________ (leer) un peridico! B. Ser and estar. (10 pts.1 ea.) Sonia receives a birthday card and a letter from her parents. Fill in each blank with the correct form of ser or estar. Feliz cumpleaos Sonia: Cmo (1) _______________ t? Nosotros (2) _______________ muy contentos porque hoy (3) _______________ tu cumpleaos. Tu hermana Sarita (4) _______________ triste porque ella (5) _______________ aqu en casa y ella no (6) _______________ celebrando contigo. Y tus amigos, (7) _______________ muy simpticos? Tienes novio? Conoces a Eduardo? (8) _______________ un chico muy inteligente, verdad? Nosotros (9) _______________ preocupados por ti porque (10) _______________ tus padres....
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Examen_Capitulo_03 - Nombre...

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