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Unformatted text preview: Nombre _________________________________________ Fecha ________________ Dmelo t!, 6 th ed., Captulo 4, Examen A 1 CAPTULO 4 Examen A I. Comprensin auditiva Una visita a la universidad. (10 pts.2 ea.) Isabels father has come to campus to visit. She is giving him a tour. Listen to their conversation and answer the questions. _____ 1. Isabels father describes the science building as . . . a. a pretty building. b. an elegant building. c. a white building. d. a gray building. _____ 2. Isabels biology class has . . . a. around 50 students. b. around 150 students. c. around 175 students. d. around 250 students. _____ 3. Isabel finds the food in general at the cafeteria . . . a. very, very good. b. as good as the food at home. c. not as good as the food at home. d. better than what she makes. _____ 4. Isabels father wants to buy a jacket . . . a. because he is cold. b. because he wants a souvenir of the university. c. because he needs something to match his tie. d. because he wants something to wear to the museum. _____ 5. This weekend is a good time to buy a jacket because . . . a. the weather is going to be cold. b. the wool jackets are reduced in price. c. the store has a special offer on a jacket and tie ensemble. d. Isabels father wants to look good at the reception. Nombre _________________________________________ Fecha ________________ Dmelo t!, 6 th ed., Captulo 4, Examen A 2 II. Gramtica A. Stem-changing verbs. (15 pts.1.5 ea.) Isabel is talking to her father about her biology class. Fill in the blank with the appropriate form of the verb in parentheses. La clase de biologa es mi clase favorita. (1) ____________________ (pensar) que el Profesor Kraus es muy inteligente. En la clase, nosotros (2) ____________________ (empezar) a hacer experimentos difciles. Mi amiga Ana (3) ___________________ (entender) ms que yo. Ella (4) ____________________ (querer) ser biloga en el futuro. Ella y yo (5) ____________________ (preferir) trabajar solas porque hay unos estudiantes perezosos. Ellos siempre (6) ____________________ (dormir) durante la clases y ellos no (7) ____________________ (poder) hacer los experimentos. Ana y yo no (8) ____________________ (querer) trabajar con ellos. Si t (9) ____________________ (volver) a visitarme, te voy a presentar (introduce) al Profesor Kraus. Posiblemente nosotros (10) ____________________ (poder) almorzar con l. B. Tener expressions. (5 pts.1 ea.) For each statement that Isabel makes about her classmates or her instructor, her friend Ana makes a response, using a tener statement. Circle the logical tener expression she would use. _____ 1. Rosa quiere un suter....
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Examen_Capitulo_04 - Nombre...

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