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ITIL v3 FAQ Everything you wanted to know about V3 and how it affects you. This series of communications is being prepared by the Chief Architect of ITIL, the Refresh Project team and the authors themselves. It will help inform you, coming first hand from the team inside V3, about the following: ± What you can expect in V3 ± How it will affect you ± How it will benefit you ± How you can make the transition to V3 The ITIL refresh project will soon produce a new version of ITIL (V3) in the form of a core set of five publications and a suite of complementary products, together they will replace the current library of ITIL publications. Regardless of where you are in your adoption and use of ITIL today, V3 will have some impact on your use of service management best practices. The good news is that the changes to ITIL will make it easier for you to adopt, adapt, improve and use ITIL practices than ever before. We will bring you more guidance for the issues you face in the real world of service management best practice. During the ITIL V3 development, we have travelled the globe conducting workshops, giving presentations at conferences and talking to thousands of you at these events in person and virtually. It is very likely you have seen a presentation or read about the progress of our work through the many channels of communications that we use. Authors also conduct outreach with subject matter experts and practitioners during content development. Now that work on the core practice set is well established, we can offer you deeper insights into what V3 is all about and answer your questions. We have gathered some of the frequently asked questions and have included them here for you to read. Hopefully, you will see answers and information here to the questions in your mind about V3.
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Frequently Asked Questions What you can expect in V3 Will Version 3 replace Version 2? Yes. ITIL V3 is part of a process to enhance and improve the ITIL best practices. This is the essence of “current best practice” – defining the frontiers of industry practices, which continuously shift as organizations compete to meet the evolving demands of customers. ITIL V3 will help service providers remain competitive and effective in providing value to their customers. A significant portion of ITIL V2 content will be refined and included in ITIL V3. The structure and content of ITIL V3 are based on extensive public consultations, contributions from industry leaders and the parts of V2 that are still widely practised and usable in the ITSM community. Are there different target audiences for the different ITIL books? Yes . Think about the progression of any IT service from its inception to retirement that you have seen. This is the life-cycle of service management. There are many different individuals and parts of an organization involved in the life of a service. From planning, design, build, test, release, operate, improve, etc. Different levels of the organization and different roles carry out the decision making, the development and delivery of services. Example:
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o - ITIL v3 - FAQ - ITIL v3 FAQ Everything you wanted to...

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