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ITIL ® v3 Glossary Term Definition Acceptance Formal agreement that an IT Service , Process , Plan , or other Deliverable is complete, accurate, Reliable and meets its specified Requirements . Acceptance is usually preceded by Evaluation or Testing and is often required before proceeding to the next stage of a Project or Process . See Service Acceptance Criteria . Access Management (Service Operation) The Process responsible for allowing Users to make use of IT Services , data, or other Assets . Access Management helps to protect the Confidentiality , Integrity and Availability of Assets by ensuring that only authorized Users are able to access or modify the Assets . Access Management is sometimes referred to as Rights Management or Identity Management. Account Manager (Service Strategy) A Role that is very similar to Business Relationship Manager , but includes more commercial aspects. Most commonly used when dealing with External Customers . Accounting (Service Strategy) The Process responsible for identifying actual Costs of delivering IT Services , comparing these with budgeted costs, and managing variance from the Budget . Accredited Officially authorised to carry out a Role . For example an Accredited body may be authorised to provide training or to conduct Audits . Active Monitoring (Service Operation) Monitoring of a Configuration Item or an IT Service that uses automated regular checks to discover the current status. See Passive Monitoring . Activity A set of actions designed to achieve a particular result. Activities are usually defined as part of Processes or Plans , and are documented in Procedures . Agreed Service Time (Service Design) A synonym for Service Hours , commonly used in formal calculations of Availability . See Downtime . Agreement A Document that describes a formal understanding between two or more parties. An Agreement is not legally binding, unless it forms part of a Contract . See Service Level Agreement , Operational Level Agreement . Alert (Service Operation) A warning that a threshold has been reached, something has changed, or a Failure has occurred. Alerts are often created and managed by System Management tools and are managed by the Event Management Process .
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Term Definition Analytical Modelling (Service Strategy) (Service Design) (Continual Service Improvement) A technique that uses mathematical Models to predict the behaviour of a Configuration Item or IT Service . Analytical Models are commonly used in Capacity Management and Availability Management . See Modelling . Application Software that provides Functions that are required by an IT Service . Each Application may be part of more than one IT Service . An Application runs on one or more Servers or Clients . See
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d - ITIL v3 - Glossary - ITIL v3 Glossary Term Definition...

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