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Chapter 10: Cross Company Payments and Time Zones 10-1 CHAPTER 10: CROSS COMPANY PAYMENTS AND TIME ZONES Objectives The objectives are: Explain how Microsoft Dynamics ® AX handles cross company payment settlements. Configure time zones for users. Introduction The new features that are available in Microsoft Dynamics AX include the following: Cross Company Payment Time Zones Microsoft Official Training Materials for Microsoft Dynamics ™ Your use of this content is subject to your current services agreement
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Administration in Microsoft Dynamics ® AX 2009 10-2 Cross Company Payment Settlements A cross-company payment settlement occurs when a customer or vendor payment is entered into the system for one company, but is matched up and settled with an invoice that was entered into system from a different company. In these cases, Microsoft Dynamics AX creates a settlement record for each combination of invoice and payments in the transaction, and an applicable settlement, due-to, and due-from transactions are automatically generated for each company involved. Each settlement record is then assigned a new voucher number. This voucher number is based on the Payment voucher number sequence series specified in the Accounts receivable parameters form for customers, and in the Accounts payable parameters form for vendors. If additional settlement records are generated for cash discounts, currency exchange adjustments, penny differences, overpayments, or underpayments, they are assigned the later date of the payment or invoice transaction. If settlement occurs after the payment is posted, the settlement records use the settlement posting date that is specified in the Open transaction editing form. Payment Settlement Scenarios Microsoft Dynamics AX can be configured to settle transactions based on four scenarios. The scenarios that are available depend on how Microsoft Dynamics AX is configured for the organization. In addition, the scenario that applies to a specific transaction is determined by the company account selected and how that company account is configured. Each company account can be assigned as follows: Current company - The company account that the user is logged into in Microsoft Dynamics AX. Payment company - the company that is generating the payment. Invoice company - the company that generated the invoice. In the following scenarios, a payment is settled with one or more invoices. If a settlement involves multiple companies, applicable due-to and due-from accounts are updated, based on the intercompany relationships that are set up for each company. The intercompany relationships are configured by using the Intercompany Accounting form. Single-Company Settlement
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AX2009_ENUS_ADM_10 - Chapter 10 Cross Company Payments and...

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