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This problem is called the (linear) integer-programming problem . It is said to be a mixed integer program when some, but not all, variables are restricted to be integer, and is called a pure integer program when all decision variables must be integers. As we saw in the preceding chapter, if the constraints are of a network nature, then an integer solution can be obtained by ignoring the integrality restrictions and solving the resulting linear program. In general, though, variables will be fractional in the linear-programming solution, and further measures must be taken to determine The National Creative Director of Leo Burnett India, Mr. Sridhar Kondiparthi aka K V Pops, was at the Vinod Gupta School of Management on 28th October, 2010 to talk about “Creative Marketing”, as part of the industry interaction initiative of Vaarta 2010. The adman of India showed how marketing goes beyond the jargon taught in the classroom. The need was to
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Unformatted text preview: appeal to the hearts of people as features, quality and price were temporary advantages that can be easily replicated. The concept that everything is a brand was illustrated by the example of Mahatma Gandhi, who surely was a trendy brand of his time. The power of emotionally appealing advertising was demonstrated by some of the successful ads created by their agency. Today the consumers practically own the brands. Increased public participation is seen in the form of flash mobs and viral ads. The idea is to make people love the brands so that they come back for more. After all, “ we only make products in a factory; brands are created in the minds of the people ”. 1 A look at a passionate Bschool which is revolutionizing Management education in India Marketing Lessons By ‘Adman of India’- K V Sridhar aka Pops Tuesday, November 2, 2010...
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