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D4 - Organization description and Problem Statement The...

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Organization description and Problem Statement The problem under consideration is the market expansion of a leading Indian insurance firm which operates in Life Insurance sector. The firm currently holds about 85% market share in the Life micro-insurance segment and is aiming to expand further. The market to be tapped is huge and the penetration that it has till date is only a tip of the iceberg. Some Distinctive features of this major insurance service provider: With an asset base of US $295.48 billion and with a network of 8 Zonal Offices and 111 divisional offices and around 3500 servicing offices, it is the largest player in the Life insurance market and also the country’s largest investor. For the year 2010-2011, it had a total income of INR 299272.63 crores, a total policy income of INR 203358.05 crores and had made a total policy payment to the tune of INR 112346.52 crores. Impressive as it may sound, the organization has played a pivotal role in national and societal development. Its contribution to the XIth Five Year Plan of Govt of India stood at INR 528390
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