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D9 - joining an organization needs to first align himself...

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The linear-programming solution in L 2 has x 1 = x 2 = 3 and z = 39. This is the best integer point in L 2 but is not as good as x 1 = 0 , x 2 = 5, so the later point (in L 6 ) must indeed be optimal. It is interesting to note that, even if the solution to L 2 did not give x 1 and x 2 integer, but had z < 40, then no feasible (and, in particular, no integer point) in L 2 could be as good as x 1 = 0 , x 2 = 5, with z = 40. Thus, again x 1 = 0 , x 2 = 5 would be known to be optimal. Ever imagined a lecture without a Powerpoint Presentation? In this age of technology ppt is the most often used acronym and we just can’t do without it. The very perception changed today at VGSoM with the session on “The Business side of Management”, taken by Mr. Anand Ramchandran, Business Operations Director at Britannia Industries Limited. He described how a fresh management graduate
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Unformatted text preview: joining an organization needs to first align himself to the goals and vision of the company before being able to contribute in any manner. With his rich and diverse experience in Sales and Marketing, Mr. Anand highlighted how an aspiring leader first needs to understand the product itself and the factors affecting it. He stressed that one must understand the “ Nuts and Bolts of a job well ”. He also suggested how making your goals public puts you in a place where “Success” is the only viable option and hence ensures a 100% effort being put in by everyone. The session concluded with Mr. Anand sharing the vision of Britannia to always concentrate on Product in response to some of the questions being asked. He finally left the audience with a thought to ponder upon,...
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