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Further Considerations There are three points that have yet to be considered with respect to the branch-and-bound procedure: i) Can the linear programs corresponding to the subdivisions be solved efficiently? ii) What is the bestway to subdivide a given region, and which unanalyzed subdivision should be considered next? 1. As the leader of an oil-exploration drilling venture, you must determine the least-cost selection of 5 out of 10 possible sites. Label the sites S 1 , S 2 , . . . , S 10 , and the exploration costs associated with each as C 1 , C 2 , . . . , C 10 . Regional development restrictions are such that: i) Evaluating sites S 1 and S 7 will prevent you from exploring site S 8 . ii) Evaluating site S 3 or S 4 prevents you from assessing site S 5 . iii) Of the group S 5 , S 6 , S 7 , S 8 , only two sites may be assessed. Formulate an integer program to determine the minimum-cost exploration scheme that satisfies these restrictions. 2. A company wishes to put together an academic ‘‘package’’ for an executive training program. There are five area
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