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compilers assignment cryptography assignment economics books of all algo assignment flat,discrete stuff ; switching stuff ; algo1 stuff 9.4 SOME CHARACTERISTICS OF INTEGER PROGRAMS A SAMPLE PROBLEM Whereas the simplex method is effective for solving linear programs, there is no single technique for solving integer programs. Instead, a number of procedures have been developed, and the performance of any particular technique appears to be highly problem-dependent. Methods to date can be classified broadly as following one of three approaches: i) enumeration techniques, including the branch-and-bound procedure; ii) cutting-plane techniques; and iii) group-theoretic techniques. In addition, several composite procedures have been proposed, which combine techniques using several of
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Unformatted text preview: these approaches. In fact, there is a trend in computer systems for integer programming to include a number of approaches and possibly utilize them all when analyzing a given problem. In the sections to follow, we shall consider the first two approaches in some detail. At this point, we shall introduce a specific problem and indicate some features of integer programs. Later we will use this example to illustrate and motivate the solution procedures. Many characteristics of this example are shared by the integer version of the custommolder problem presented in Chapter 1. The problem is to determine z# where: z# = max z = 5x1 + 8x2,...
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