Although the csrs tasks may be reduced the work is

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Unformatted text preview: ce level and usually are not integrated to back-end systems such as billing, provisioning, or ordering systems. Although the CSR's tasks may be reduced, the work is not complete, and someone or some other system must somehow send and receive information to and from back-end systems. They also come with some predetermined processes that may not suit the operation of a service provider. Substantial Implementation A substantial implementation of customer care is more expensive and takes more time to develop, but it has substance. The changes permeate from the user interface level down to the integration of the necessary back-end systems. The work of the CSR and of other persons in the service provider's company is reduced, resulting in cost reduction, and better efficiency is obtained. The indepth analysis of the business process required in substantial implementation provides a customer care system that significantly improves the performance of the customer service and provides the most automation possible. Figure 3. Superficial versus Substantial Customer Care Application Web ProForum Tutorials Copyright © The International Engineering Consortium 9/16 10. Develop or Buy The development of a customer care system from scratch is expensive and has many risks but can provide a system that is well-tailored to the service provider's needs. In general, development can take more than a year and will be subject to major project risks such as technology, experience, budget, and know-how problems. In practice, only large telephone companies can afford the development of customer care systems. An alternative is to buy a customer care system. An already-built customer care system is relatively inexpensive, and many of the risks associated with it are already elimated. However, it will not be initially tailored to the service provider's needs. Because the operations of telecommunications service providers vary significantly, the customization of the system is necessary to make it a substantial customer care system. On the other hand, some vendors of customer care systems prefer the superficial customer care system approach and shy away from substantial customization. A good customer care system vendor will work with the service provider and provide substantial customization if requested. Self-Test 1. What is the primary reason consumers change from one service provider to another? a. customer service b. telecommunications service quality dissatisfaction c. telecommunications service price d. moving to a different...
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