Telemarketing services a more proactive way of

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Unformatted text preview: elemarketing Telemarketing activity is usually outbound (i.e., sales representatives make outbound calls). Telemarketing services, a more proactive way of obtaining service sales, include the following: • targeting the customerThis is the process of identifying consumers to be called. Randomly targeting consumers is not productive and can even result in annoyed customers. A customer care system produces a list of consumers most likely to purchase an offering. • campaign executionOnce the product and the list of targeted consumers are available, the campaign can begin. The sales representatives call using the list of consumers, inform the customers about the campaign, and, if the customer is interested, order the product for them. A customer care system automatically calls the unprocessed consumers in the list; passes only the calls being answered by consumers (as opposed to calls being answered by answering machines); displays customer information automatically; and provides product consumer match analysis and product information, as well as the capability to order the product on the spot. • inbound salesSometimes interested consumers call in to purchase a product being offered in a campaign. Sales representatives provide various information about the campaign and order the product for them. A customer care system automatically marks this customer as processed in the campaign's target consumer list to avoid an unnecessary call. 8. Repair Repair activity is usually inbound (i.e., consumers make the call). Customers usually call to request that a service that does not work be fixed or repaired. Typical repair calls include the following: • collecting diagnostic informationThe CSR must collect information from the consumer as well as information from within (e.g., from ordering and provisioning systems). A customer care system automatically obtains diagnostic information from relevant systems and guides the CSR to obtain the diagnostic information. • diagnosisThe CSR must analyze available information and determine the cause of the problem. A customer care system automatically diagnoses the problem. Web ProForum Tutorials Copyright © The International Engineering Consortium 8/16 • resolutionThe CSR must take actions to resolve the problem. A customer care system can resolve the problem. 9. Implementation Superficial Implementation A superficial implementation of customer care is usually inexpensive and can be deployed relatively quickly, but it lacks substance. It is superficial because most of the changes are in the user interfa...
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