With multiple applications there is an increased

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Unformatted text preview: ith multiple applications, there is an increased possibility of human error. In contrast, with a customer care system, the CSR must only use one application. Web ProForum Tutorials http://www.iec.org Copyright © The International Engineering Consortium 2/16 Figure 2. User Must Multitask • no procedureBecause of multiple applications, or applications that provide too much flexibility, each CSR develops his or her own procedure. The services that a customer receives depends on the CSR. Some services may be good, while others may not be so good. The customer will perceive this unevenness as poor customer service. A good customer care system, in contrast, implements CSR procedures and forces them to follow company-approved procedures. • long training timesCustomer service departments have relatively high staff turnovers. As there are many applications and procedures that CSRs must learn, the training time is lengthy and costly to service providers. A good customer care system is easy to learn and use and, therefore, has a shorter training time. • many hand-offsBecause of a lack of automation, a great deal of handing tasks off to other people or departments manually is required. Each one of these manual hand-offs means waiting time, more data entry, and increased possibility of human error. A customer care system reduces the number of hand-offs by automating these manual tasks. • poor moralePoor customer service due to inadequate infrastructure results in poor CSR job satisfaction. Consequently, the customer service department will experience high turnover and poor customer service. With a customer care system, customer services will be better, and CSRs will be more satisfied with their work. 2. Needs of Consumers The requirements of a customer care system are ultimately determined by consumers, and all of us are consumers in one way or another. We associate the following characteristics with good customer service: Web ProForum Tutorials http://www.iec.org Copyright © The International Engineering Consortium 3/16 • The customer service representative is friendly. • The customer service representative knows about previous contact sessions and is able to continue a session from where it was left off. • The customer service representative is capable of completely servicing the call. • The customer service representative provides immediate change in the service for most service requests. • The customer service representative is experienced, and calls are completed in a timely man...
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