A they are difficult to handle b they cause human

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Unformatted text preview: address 2. From a customer care point of view, why are multiple applications not good for customer service? a. They are difficult to handle. b. They cause human errors. c. They are not good for computer memory. d. They cause some applications to be under a window. Web ProForum Tutorials http://www.iec.org Copyright © The International Engineering Consortium 10/16 3. Which of the following customer service characteristics cannot be implemented by a customer care system? a. friendly customer service representatives b. customer service representatives capable of servicing calls completely c. customer service representatives who can provide an immediate change in service for most service requests d. customer service representatives who are experienced and can complete calls in a timely manner 4. Why should customer service representatives capture marketing information during a customer contact? a. to engage the customer in a friendly conversation b. to file as part of customer information c. so the information can be used in future marketing analysis d. because it is part of the procedure imposed by the customer care system 5. Which of the following technologies cannot be used in customer care systems? a. rapid application development and object-oriented technologies b. artificial intelligence software c. Internet d. fuzzy logic 6. Why is it easier for a customer service representative to add a new service when using a customer care system? a. The customer care system uses a graphical user interface. b. The customer has filled out a form prepared by using the customer care system. c. The customer care system will guide the customer service representative in filling out required information and automatically ordering new service. d. The customer care system will permit printing of the new service order. Web ProForum Tutorials http://www.iec.org Copyright © The International Engineering Consortium 11/16 7. Why is telemarketing more effective when using a customer care system? a. It uses a predictive dialer that can screen out answering machines. b. It can handle multiple campaigns. c. It targets appropriate consumers, executes campaigns, and can automatically order service. d. It can provide product information and fulfillments. 8. Why is service repair more efficient when using a customer care system? a. It uses only one application or graphical user interface. b. It can access testing systems. c. It can track trouble tickets. d. It can collect information, diagnose, and resolve automatically. 9. Why is a substantial imple...
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