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Laughter May Be The Best Medicine By Cheryl Nason, BS, Med Author, Speaker and Trainer - "I deeply believe in humor; not in jokes. Humor is spectacular!" -Tom Peters "He deserves Paradise who makes his companions laugh." - Mohammed, The Koran Humor has always been an expression of the freedom of the human spirit; the ability to stand outside of life’s flow and view the whole scene—the incongruities, the tragedies outside of our control, the unexpected. I am personally convinced that humor is a part of our lives that is becoming more and more important. If we cannot see the humor in the changing, serious world around us, we are doomed to internalize it and that can be damaging to us mentally as well as physically. Here are some results of research into the relationship between stress, work and wellness. ± Forty five percent of a sample of coronary patients spent more than 60 hours per week on their job. ± Job stress has been associated with high cholesterol levels, increased heart rate and increased smoking. ± Blood pressure was higher among employees who said they "did not understand" what was expected of them. ± "Responsibility for people" on a job is more likely to lead to heart disease than having responsibility for things. ± Executives who are poor delegators have 8 times as many ulcers as good delegators. ± White-collar workers reporting job dissatisfaction are 5 times as likely to use tranquilizers. ± High stress occupations have suicide rates 2-6 times higher then the general population. Many of these statistics are sobering at best. Yet with the present recession, the current trend
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Laughter-and-Stress - Laughter May Be The Best Medicine By...

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