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Soothing Those Jangled Nerves: Stress Management By Nita Norphlet Thompson and Sue McKinney-Cull of the ARCH National Resource Center Background The housework is not done, Mary needs her physical therapy, dinner is not started, and what do you mean my car is "not-ready-yet?!" Everyday life provides us with a combination of happiness, pride, personal fulfillment, and strength, while sometimes simultaneously creating frustration, sorrow, feelings of inadequacy, and pain. Life is complicated and ever changing. Change, by itself, creates stress. Whether we embrace the change or not, we will feel the ramifications of stress. Given the constant changes and demands in our daily lives this becomes a major source of stress that we encounter. What is Stress? Stress is the body's response to a threatening condition. When confronted with stress, the mind tells the body that there is imminent danger and it must fight for its life or flee. This "fight-or-flight" response is an instinctual process to help insure survival of the species. In modern society, the stressful event may be a public speech or a deadline rather than a killer yak, but our body responds as if it were in danger of being destroyed. Stress causes our muscles to tighten, our breath comes more quickly, blood flows more quickly to spread the increased oxygen throughout the body, nausea may set in, and thinking becomes confused. Once the stress is alleviated, our body is in a weakened state as it recovers from the adrenaline surge. Unremitting stress can impair the immune system making it less able to resist the viruses that cause disease and can lead to a constant sense of exhaustion and loss of energy. For family caregivers, the stress of caring for a loved one under difficult circumstances, and frequently for an extended period of time, often causes physical and emotional symptoms which need to be addressed. Symptoms of Stress Stress can manifest itself in a variety of ways. It is easily confused with symptoms of other problems. If not managed properly, stress may cause problems that can reduce our overall ability to function effectively. Some common symptoms of stress include, not only those mentioned above, but also
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Stress-Management-Strategies - Soothing Those Jangled...

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