Computer Networks - lecture2Application Layer and DNS

com company1com computer1 how dns server caching

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Unformatted text preview: Caching Works Caching Table Host Name clientA.company1.lo cal. Where’s Client ClientA is at A? IP Address TTL 28 seconds ClientA Client1 Client2 ClientA is at Where’s Client A? Caching is the process of temporarily storing recently accessed information in a special memory subsystem for quicker access How DNS Data Is Stored and Maintained Namespace: DNS Server Resource records for the zone Host name DNS ClientA Zone File: Zone DNS ClientA DNS ClientB IP address DNS ClientB DNS ClientC DNS ClientC A resource record (RR) is a standard DNS database structure containing information used to process DNS queries A zone is a portion of the DNS database that contains the resource records with the owner names that belong to the contiguous portion of the DNS namespace What Are Resource Records and Record Types? Record type Description A Resolves a host name to an IP add...
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