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Computer Networks - lecture2Application Layer and DNS

Record type description a resolves a host name to an

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Unformatted text preview: ress PTR Resolves an IP address to a host name SOA The first record in any zone file SRV Resolves names of servers providing services NS Identifies the DNS server for each zone MX The mail server CNAME Resolves from a host name to a host name What Is a DNS Zone? Company1 South North West Sales Support Training What Are DNS Zone Types Zones Read/Write Description Read/write copy of a DNS database Primary Read-Only Read-only copy of a DNS database Secondary Copy of limited records Stub Copy of a zone containing limited records What Are Forward and Reverse Lookup Zones? Namespace: training.company1.com DNS Client1 DNS Client3 DNS Client1 Reverse 1.168.192.in- zone addr.arpa DNS Client2 = ? DNS Client2 DNS Server Authorized for training DNS Client2 Forward zone Training = ? DNS Client3 DNS Client1 DNS Client2 DNS Client3...
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