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NAME OF HOTEL STREET CITY, STATE, ZIP GUEST LOST ITEM / LEFT IN ROOM FORM NAME OF HOTEL AND PHONE # Guest’s Name:__________________________________ Date:___________________ Address:__________________________________ Room #:________________ ___________________________________ Check Out Date: ___________________________________ _______________________ Phone: ___________________________________ _______________________ Description of Item(s): __________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ Additional Comments: __________________________________________________________ Please advise the guest that all items will be sent out via UPS unless guest requests some other service. We recommend UPS not only because of our relationship with them, but because it is guaranteed delivery and is trackable (we know where it is). UPS Ground Service is delivered by the end of the day. If an earlier time is requested, item(s) will be sent
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Unformatted text preview: standard next day air which will usually arrive by noontime. Earlier morning service is also available. Credit Card #: _______-_______-_______-_______ Exp. Date:_____/_____ Zip________ Last 3 Digits on Back of Card: ________ For (Hotel names) Use: The UPS Store (413) 539-9112 The UPS Store Use Only Item returned to guest via:_______The UPS Store Shipping Amount: $_____________ _______Other Packaging Materials: $____________ Called The UPS Store (Date/Time):__________ Packaging Srv. Fee: $____________ Item picked up by:___________ Total Charges: $____________ Item released by (Hotel):___________ Service Used:___________________ Shipping Preference:___________ Comments: _____________________ Special Services (overnight, insurance, etc):_________ __________________________________ Notes:________________________________ ______________________________ _____________________________________ ______________________________ Please make a copy of this completed form....
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