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Nathan Ellis AP History February 10, 2005 Chapter 30 Terms Panama Canal – Due to the Clayton-Bulwer treaty with Britain, we weren’t allowed to build a canal, but because they wanted to get on our good side, we passed the Hay- Pauncefote Treaty we were allowed to. In 1904 construction began on the canal. Problems occurred with landslides and problems with sanitation. The canal was finally finished in 1914 and cost a total of $400 million. Portsmouth Conference - This is where Roosevelt met with the leaders of Russia and Japan trying to settle some nerves. It mainly was to settle a dispute of who got the island of Sakhalin. Named after where it took place, (Portsmouth, New Hampshire) the final agreement of the Portsmouth Conference was that Japan would receive the southern halfn and the Russians the north half of the island. China – When China was defeated, America was worried about religious as well as business things in China. John Hay wrote the Open Door Note, which asked European
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