Letter to UPS Canada re Maguire

Letter to UPS Canada re Maguire - (902)293-4140 The...

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September 9, 2008 Regarding the shipment for Erin Maguire which originally was shipped to 6196 Oakland Road in Halifax. This was 1 shipment which contained 14 packages. This shipment needs to be redirected to a new address: Gerard Hall 5303 Morris St. Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada B3J3Z5 Phone;
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Unformatted text preview: (902)293-4140 The following is the list of tracking numbers for this shipment: 1Z03WV096826162354 6828171359 6828274677 6892826147 6826102089 6826093474 6826145131 6892757267 6892808925 6826096346 6892774480 6892765874 6826139399 6826156610 Thank You the UPS Store 1144...
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