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BU481 F 2011 Technical test 1 - Part B

BU481 F 2011 Technical test 1 - Part B - BU 481 Fall 2011...

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BU 481 Fall 2011 BUSINESS POLICY I – STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT The following is the second set of questions for the BU481 technical test 1 . The test will be 45 minutes in length and each student will be required to answer 3 out of 4 questions. Subsequent set of questions will be made available closer to the exam date. 1. Define and describe four models / frameworks/ tools that may be used in environmental analysis and note their major strategic purpose? 2. Define and describe the "Economic Deterrence / Expected Retaliation" concept within the context of the 5 forces model and how this concept can impact the industry profitability. Please provide an example in your textbook, articles or discussed in class that relates to the concept. 3. Define and describe the PEST analysis tool. Please describe how this tool should be used in the context of strategy assessment and formulation. 4. Define and describe the concepts forward integration and backward integration . How and why are each one of these two concepts relevant to strategy?
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