BU481 F 2011 Technical test 1 - Part c

BU481 F 2011 Technical test 1 - Part c - BU 481 Fall 2011...

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BU 481 Fall 2011 BUSINESS POLICY I – STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT The following is the third and final set of questions for the BU481 technical test 1 . The test will be 45 minutes in length and each student will be required to answer 3 out of 4 questions. Subsequent set of questions will be made available closer to the exam date. 1. From the article “Strategy and the Internet”, define and describe the concepts of cannibalization and channel conflict as they relate to the Internet in business. Porter discusses a number of shortcomings of the Internet. Define and describe two shortcomings of the Internet and how traditional business models can strategically overcome them. 2. Define and describes Porter's concept of competitive advantage (CA) based on his article “What is Strategy” and compare it to the concept of competitive advantage according to the “Competing on Resources” article. What are two (2) implications of the CA concept for strategy assessment and formulation for a General Manager? 3. Please define and describe the concept of either (choose ONE) “the productivity frontier” OR “the growth trap” relate to the key message in Michael Porter’s article “What is Strategy”? Please describe the chosen concept.
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