Lectures and Tasks - SYLLABUS 2011 - 2012 year (Fall) on...

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SYLLABUS 2011 - 2012 year (Fall) on Physics 1 course 1. Main information Chair Information systems The code and title of speciality 5B0704 Computer Science and Software Engineering Year, semester 2 year 3 semester Cycle of dicipline Fundamental Number of credits 3 Teacher,lecturer (CSSE) Ph.D Yultuz Omarbakiyeva, associated professor.,803 room [y.omarbakiyeva@iitu.kz] 2 . Prerequisites ,postrequisites Prerequisites Sufficient knowledge of the secondary school courses in physics, chemistry, arithmetic, algebra and geometry, mathematics Postrequisites Knowledge on the course Physics 1 is essential base for next coming subjects as Physics 2, Theory of electric circuits, microelectronics, fibre optic communication, local and global network (LAN, WAN). 3. Main objective of the course Objective : Physics 1 is to give for graduates the contemporary knowledge of physics and good practical skill to apply it in the information systems of different directions either for IS engineers and scientific IS graduates. . Main goals f the course: Formulation scientific world outlook and logical thinking Formulation the ability to physical phenomena cognition and practical skill of its quantity analysis ; Study of interrelation of conservation laws and evolution of the material objects; Study of laws of matter transformation under the influence of energy fluxes; Study of modern measuring equipment use, create the skill of experimental investigations ,its error analysis ,ability to select the physical core in their own applied professional problems 4. Distribution of students work time Total, (volume) Auditorium sessions Out of office work Lectures Laboratory works Practice SIWP SIW SIWP 3 credits 135 hours 50 min/ lesson. 50 min/ lesson. . 50 min/ lesson. . 50 min/ contact. 45 hours 30 hours 15 lessons 15 lessons 15 lessons 15 contacts
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5. CONTENT: Physics 1 course are the followings: To reveal the main physical principals ,the theories of classical and contemporary physics in the view of its internal unity and interrelation. It is very important for graduates not only to know the description of broad sphere of physical phenomenon, but to accept hierarchy of physical laws and conceptions as well as its validity within certain boundaries in the way that it will permit to use them efficiently in some definite cases of their professional activity. To create the practical skill to solve typical generalized problems of the discipline (theoretical and experimental problems) from different parts of physics as the base of successful solutions of their own professional problems. To create the skill of evaluation of the reliability of the results obtained by theoretical and experimental approaches of investigated phenomena (error analysis). To promote the students development of their creativity, skills of universe
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Lectures and Tasks - SYLLABUS 2011 - 2012 year (Fall) on...

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