chap 31 terms - Nathan Ellis February 15, 2005 AP US...

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Nathan Ellis February 15, 2005 AP US History Chapter 31 Terms Muckraker – Also known as dirt-diggers, these were people who would write things that weren’t well known to the public and that gave people a bad view of big corporations or companies. For example, Ida M. Tarbell wrote the history of the Standard Oil Company, which had a lot of dirt behind it, hence the name dirt-digger, which leads back to the word Muckraker. Jacob Riis – Compiled a large photographic archive of turn-of-the-century urban life, which was often not so good. An example of this is the Tenement Flats, where one room would be rented out to a family of upwards to 10 people. Upton Sinclair – Wrote the novel The Jungle , published in 1906 mainly with the intentions of showing the poor working conditions of cannery workers, but instead got the public’s attention with his descriptions of extremely unsanitary food products put into those cans, which would ultimately lead to meat inspection and food sanitation laws. Cosmopolitan – Written by another Muckraker named David G. Phillips, articles titled “The Treason of the Senate” written within the magazine Cosmopolitan , accused the senate of having the majority of the senate represent large companies and trusts such as the railroads instead of the people. Lincoln Steffens – Another Muckraker, Steffens wrote articles in a magazine called
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chap 31 terms - Nathan Ellis February 15, 2005 AP US...

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