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Instructions for using the Word Test Bank 1. Open the “empty test.doc” file; then open the chapter file containing the questions from which you’d like to choose. 2. From the chapter file, highlight the first question you want to use ( Note: When highlighting, scroll from the beginning of the question to the end, taking care not to include any of the answer that appears beneath it). 3. Hold down the control key and press the letter C to copy the question. 4. Using the Window pull-down in the menu bar, select “empty test.doc”. 5. Place the cursor beneath the exam instructions. 6. Hold down the Control key and press the letter V to paste the question.
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Unformatted text preview: 7. Switching between files, repeat the preceding steps with the rest of the questions you want to use for this exam. 8. Save “empty test.doc” as “exam1.doc” or the filename of your choice. Features of using this testing system: • When you paste questions into “empty test.doc”, the questions renumber themselves. • The answers are listed at the very end of the file. • You can build a test using questions from multiple chapters. • You can print out one copy and pull out the answers for yourself and copy the questions for your class....
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