10-6 (Thur)

10-6 (Thur) - Marius & Sulla (cont) Social War 91-89BC...

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Social War 91-89BC 1. Began because Italian allies were unhappy with their treatment 2. Italian Allies wanted citizenship, but were denied 3. Grouped an army of 100,000 men 4. NORTH a. Consul, with Marius and Pompeius Strabo b. Strabo was chosen because of his ties in the North, and was extremely rich 5. SOUTH a. Consul, with Sulla b. Sulla had the best successes of the war b.i. 88 Sulla was elected consul 6. Lex Julia 90 BC a. Granted citizenship to everyone who laid down arms 7. War resulted in Italy getting all the franchise 8. Sulla and Strabo got great recognition, but Marius was ignored and became angry 9. Mithridates, King of Pontus a. Invaded Roman province of Asia and murdered all the Romans there b. Also got involved in Greece and took over 10. 88 BC – Sulla elected consul a. Senate designated him to fight the war against Mithridates by giving him the province of Asia to control b. Marius got a Tribune to propose that he be given the war against Mithridates b.i. They had armed soldiers threatening people to vote for him b.ii. Marius was almost 70 years old by this point b.iii. Armed riot in forum, Sulla escaped by going to Marius’s house c. Sulla went to his army in Campania (had 6 legions there) d. Marius sent envoys to Sulla to tell them to stand down, and they were murdered e. Sulla marched on Rome, Marius fled, the Tribune was murdered
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10-6 (Thur) - Marius & Sulla (cont) Social War 91-89BC...

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