10-13 (Thur)

10-13 (Thur) - Pompey and Caesar Cn Pompeius Magnus 1...

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Pompey and Caesar Cn. Pompeius Magnus 1. Pompey’s commands a. Against Marians in Sicily and Africa (82 BC) with propraetorian rank and 6 legions b. Sent by senate to deal with rebellious proconsul in Gaul (77BC) with propraetorian rank c. Against Marians in Spain (76-71BC) with proconsular rank d. One of best generals Rome ever has d.i. Slow, makes sure supply lines are secure, etc. 2. Great Slave Wars (In Sicily because of grain) a. Sicily, 135-132 BC: 60,000 Slaves began, may have reached 200,000 b. Sicily, 104-100 BC: 20,000 slaves c. Spartacus 73-71 BC: 70,000 slaves, Crassus as Praetor c.i. Thracian c.ii. Broke out of gladiator school, headed for local volcano c.iii. Not just a mob, because most of the slaves were escaped gladiators c.iv. Consuls who were sent to deal with them were killed c.v. Crassus (through proscriptions) became the most wealthy man in Rome c.vi. Defeated the majority of the slaves, kept 6,000 hostage, Pompey encountered 5,000 that escaped North and took credit (Compare to Marius
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10-13 (Thur) - Pompey and Caesar Cn Pompeius Magnus 1...

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