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CAROLINE’S CANDY SHOP A former Broad School 321 student has created a small start-up company specializing in retail candy sales. Caroline, the owner, has identified a niche market in which she buys candy in bulk and resells it to customers. Caroline has recently hired students based on their excellent transcripts – that and the fact they are willing to work for next-to-nothing. Caroline has decided to hire some of the students as sales representatives, credit approval clerks, warehouse/shipping clerks, accounting personnel, and other positions. Additionally, some of you will act as customers. A customer can consist of up to three students. One student from the customer group will act as the contact and be responsible for organizing the customer order information. If you are a customer, a Caroline’s sales representative will contact you, present goods that you can purchase, inform you about quantity discounts and take your orders. You will get to keep and eat whatever candy bars you
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