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NPO Financial Statement Assignment ACC 308 Fall 2011 Required: Music for the Development of Math Skills, Inc. Adjusted Trial Balance as of December 31, 2011 Debit Credit Cash and cash equivalents $64,263 Contributions receivable, net of uncollectible accounts 41,293 Notes receivable - from music providers 36,741 Other receivables, net 1,829 Inventory - music equipment 1,476 Prepaid expenses 2,459 Long-term investments, at fair value 70,943 Capital assets, net of accumulated depreciation 10,291 Accounts payable $19,230 Capital lease obligations payable 1,417 Due to city government 6,669 Notes payable 11,211 Unrestricted net assets 11,012 Temporarily restricted net assets 191,506 Permanently restricted net assets 10,000 Contributions - unrestricted 101,442 Contributions - temporarily restricted 77,148 Contributions - permanently restricted 318 In-kind contributions - unrestricted 23,447 In-kind donations - temporarily restricted 27,422 Government grants - unrestricted 20,903 Interest and dividend income
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