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10/13/10 ANALYZING BUSINESS ISSUES - WITH EXCEL (ABI-WE) EXCEL FUNCTION DIRECTORY for Fall 2010 No. Function Reference ABI-WE # MANAGE DATA 1 1 2 Group Data Data-Outline-Group 1 3 Create a Pivot Table Insert-Tables-Pivot Table 1,2 Modify field names Add calculated field Add a calculated item Drill down data Double click on desired cell to drill down into data 4 Create a Table 1 Filter data in the table Click on the arrows near the column heading to filter data Set name for the table 5 What-If analysis IF(logical_test, value_if_true, [value_if_false]) FORMAT DATA 6 Home - Styles - Cell Styles 7 Merge & Center 1,2 8 Home-Alignment-Top Alignment 2 9 Remove gridlines View - Show/Hide - Gridlines - Uncheck 2 10 Format font, currency, percentages, units Home-Number-$ (and increase/decrease arrows on left/right) 11 Home-Font-Border 12 Indent data to improve presentation Home - Alignment - Increase Indent 13 Insert-Text-Symbol-Special Character 14 Conditional Formatting: Set Icons for formatting Home - Conditional formatting - Icon Sets - Flag Set Data Bar for formatting Home-Styles-Conditional Formattting, Data Bars - Blue Data Bar Set Cell Color for formatting Conditional Formatting (For cells where ABC > Traditional) 15 Add a comment to a cell Review - Comments - New Comment - Show All Comments 2 16 Bullet points Insert-Text-Symbol 17 Freeze Panes View-Window-Freeze panes
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