Chap 32 terms - Adamson Act – Warehouse Act – Federal...

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Nathan Ellis February 17, 2005 AP US History Chapter 32 Terms Triple Wall of Privilege – Wilson makes this. He makes the Federal Reserve, he wants lower tariffs, and he wants less trusts. The Clayton Anti-Trust Act, and the Underwood Tariff do this for him. Clayton Anti-Trust Act – This act fulfills the Sherman Anti-Trust Act – it gives it teeth. The only thing that is different is that it isn’t against unions like the Sherman Act was. Federal Reserve System – 12 Federal Reserves give money to private banks, which give money to people. If deflation is needed, higher interest rates are made by the Reserves, and vice versa if inflation is needed. Underwood Tariff – Lowered the tariff. LaFolette’s Seamen Plan – LaFolette raised the pay to seamen, but this in turn was bad because it made the products needed to be shipped cost more, so people didn’t trade with us as much.
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Unformatted text preview: Adamson Act – Warehouse Act – Federal Farm Loan Act – New Direction in Foreign Policy – Moralistic in Mexico – Wilson sided with two reformists in Mexico against the president at the time. They reluctantly allowed him to help, but after they took over, Pancho via got angry and slaughtered a bunch of Americans in New Mexico, which led Wilson to send Black Jack to Mexico to kill Pancho Via. Lucitania – Zimmerman Note – The Zimmerman note was discovered by the US and was very threatening and freaked the whole nation out. Sussex Pledge – American War and Profit – Election of 1916 – Taft vs. TR vs. Wilson. Taft was the Bull-Moose Party, and split the Republican vote, so Wilson won. Why does Wilson take the US into WW1 –...
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Chap 32 terms - Adamson Act – Warehouse Act – Federal...

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