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ECO 202 – SUNGU EXTRA CREDIT PAPER ASSIGNMENT DATE ASSIGNED: 11/19/2010 Formulate a research question based on the argument listed below and write a short research paper. (6-10 pages long, single spaced) 1 Your research paper should answer the question comprehensively: The Great Depression [of the 1930’s] was a one-time only event created by a set of special circumstances and will never happen again. There are a few restrictions imposed on the style and presentation of your paper. See below! Your only job is to give a definitive answer ( Yes, it was a one-time event or No, it was not! ) and defend/explain/justify your position by providing scientific and/or statistical evidence. Remember that this is an independent research paper. As such, you’re required to identify and locate references/sources to support your argument. You can use published articles, credible websites, datasets, and/or textbooks. Failure to do so will result in point deduction. (A good research paper is a convincing one!) The very last
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