Religions WCiv Christianity

Religions WCiv Christianity - First two lectures on...

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Religions of Western Civ. Christianity Christmas- December 25th "The light to the Gentiles" or "The light of all nations", putting his birthday after the winter solstice is great symbolism- a light in the dark or dead of winter. 3 Wise sages (Kings and Wisemen- unsure if these two terms are sunonomous.) , bring gifts to the newborn Jesus, gold, frankensense, and myr, the point of the story is that people of neighboring nations will praise and find salvation through this messiah. This is all recounted in the gospel of Luke, but the Angel of Gabriel asks if she is willing to bear the messiah and she says yes. She is an example of Christian pioty, and she was chosen because she was born without sin. ..a lot of Mary stuff comes through Catholosism. It is not until modern times did people talk about the immaculate conception, or the belief Mary was born without sin (the conception in her mother). Mary and Joseph have to go for the sensus to Bethlehem. It is important because the bible says the messiah would be born of the lineage of David in the town of Bethlehem. 4 BCE probably when Jesus was actually born under the reign of Augustus Cesar.
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Religions WCiv Christianity - First two lectures on...

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