Religions West Civ Judaism

Religions West Civ Judaism - ..Isaac it was clear to just...

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Religions Western Civ9/20/11 Written Torah(Law) -> Tanakh, written law. We will talk about oral law later. Today we are discussing written aspects of the law. Yhwh- Technically not to be uttered. (God) He intervenes in the events of human lives. Time matters. Topic 1: Covenant with Abraham - What's the importance of circumcision as a covenant with God. +A sign of exclusivity. These people are consecrated to God. It's a clear distinction between male and female, and this covenant is made between male and God -> patriarchal society. - In present times, might God have chosen a different marker than male circumcision rather than female circumcision. +Yes? if man made the covenant with god, women would have to since it was a patriarchal today. Maybe birth as a symbolism as "continuing the line of God". -Why was the covenant made with Isaac instead of Ishmael- who came from a concubine? +Children of concubine aren't really heirs in the hebrew culture. Random Baby mama thing? Hagar and Ishmael are treated differently, Hagar was fucking ugly.
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Unformatted text preview: ..Isaac it was clear to just continue with his marriage- PLUS Ishmael wasn't Jewish because Hagar wasn't Jewish. ..Isaac was the promise God made to Abraham and Sarah, to show the miracles he makes. .. Topic 2: Passover and Exodus. -What is the meaning in the phrase "I will gain glory through Pharoah" -When the egyptiansstart coming after the israelites, the israelites panic and flip out on Moses. Why doesn't God become rathful then? -Moses describes the destruction of the egyptions as a battle, is the word battle an appropriate word? Topic 3: The Mosaic Covenant -Which of the ten commandants can be applied today, and which were applied to a specific time period-Does it seem the meeting on mount sanai was a demonstration of God's power. -Don't worship sculpted images or idols. Topic 4: -Is it possible to be holy the way God is?-How does God's commands of mercy compare with that of himself in Exodus...
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Religions West Civ Judaism - ..Isaac it was clear to just...

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