Western Civ Judaism 2

Western Civ Judaism 2 - Religions of Western Worlds...

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R e l i g i o n s o f W e s t e r n W o r l d s Judaism! Reform: First branch to form itself, the most assimilated Conservative: They decide what to keep and leave out from the religion according to the historical relevance. The science of Judaism, the way they determine their traditions is to make distinctions through archeological/historical finds. Orthodox: Separate and distinct Reconstruction: The American formed branch. Looks at Judaism as a civilization. Demphasizes the idea of chosenness, or the chosen people. Judaism as a distinct culture, but not as a more important one. Auto-Emancipation: Free yourself of the problems of the world. The ideas that the Jews need to take care of themselves and not rely on other governments or people to take care of them. J2 TEXT DISCUSSIONS! Controdictions with the text that do not fit with modern society? Many disputed laws that were triumphant over the laws of God.Women the tempters of men, they lead men to temptation, and gossiping with women is a no no. In Judaism you're resurected, but it's like a kingdom on earth kind of situation. RABBINIC AUTHORITY *Stroke your Mustache Now* Why would God allow a tree to move, water to run the other way, all these miraculous events. Is the power of God limited to what is written already- do the
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Western Civ Judaism 2 - Religions of Western Worlds...

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