New Testament Brief notes on the Synoptic Gospels

New Testament Brief notes on the Synoptic Gospels - simple...

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N E W T E S T A M E N T The Synoptic Gospels- Matthew, Mark and Luke They are referred to as such because they share many of the same stories, often verbatim and often in the same sequence. The term 'synoptic' means 'seeing together' and is derived from Greek (syn=together optic=seeing) The Synoptic Problem: Biblical scholars attempt to unravel the complex interrelationship among the 3 gospels to account for their duplications and repetitions as well as for material that appears in Matthew and Luke, but not Mark The Major Hypothesis scholars use is the 4 sourse hypothesis in theorizing an answer for the literary relationship: Maekan Priority } 2 source Q(Source of sayings) } Hypothesis M source } M and L L source } = 4 The historical literary method- analyze the text, the date the authorship, what was going on in that time period 68-70 the Jewish revolt, the literary structure . Sandwiching techniques,
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Unformatted text preview: simple two part structures (this is some bullshit) different patterns in which the language of the text is being narratedThe method only allows us to see what one particular text is saying. Because these three gospels are so similar, another methodology needs to be used. Mark is the base of the skeleton, Luke is the side that looks like he let himself go, and Matthew is the PMS transvestite side of the drawing. We look at how Matthew redacted (edited) Mark to get his story? And so on, and so forth. Both written around 85/95 CE. basically, this is all theorized by German scholars, so they say there must have been a source out there Quiz terms: Messiah Synoptic Messianic Secret Markan priority Passion Redaction Critism 4-source hypothesis L Q M...
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New Testament Brief notes on the Synoptic Gospels - simple...

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