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CheckPoint - with integrity and professionalism These...

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CheckPoint: Code of Ethics Ethical Code of Conduct The business I chose is my dream-marketing firm. These codes of conduct will ensure my business will be conducted in an ethical, law-abiding manor. I believe in passion for a business owner. My passion is to have a firm that stands out from the rest because of it moral ethics. In order to be successful and stay successful a loyal customer base must be created. And keeping educated in my field will keep my business on the cutting edge of technology. With Internet advertising, new methods of reaching customers are coming out daily. Advertising is a field where deception could be a means of success. Ethics in advertising is something I would strive for. 3Ring Marketing Mission Statement: The mission of 3Ring Marketing is to market with imagination, innovation and integrity. All while providing exemplary service to our customers. Code of Conduct: The core ethics of 3Ring Marketing will have us stand out as a marketing firm
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Unformatted text preview: with integrity and professionalism. These values are the foundation of our business, and utilized on a daily basis. 3Ring Marketing is a family business, started by a single mother of three. All employees carry the responsibility of valuing this code for the overall benefit of the firms’ future. Integrity: * Unfair misleading or deceptive behavior of any kind is prohibited. * All employees must comply with applicable laws and regulations regarding marketing and advertising practices. * All employees must conduct all business with transparency and honesty. * Avoid committing consumer manipulation or deception of any kind. * Always work with high standards in honesty and integrity. * Employees must exhibit complete accuracy and truth when communicating with the public. Respect: * Respect the consumer as intelligent beings able to make informed decisions regarding their purchases. Treat the customer, as would we....
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