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APP1Montes de OcaA - and community groups But this support...

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Nike is the most important company in the sport clothes sector. Since 1987, Nike moved its last manufacturing plant form the United States to the Pacific Rim. Nike took that decision due to the fact that the salaries in Philippines, South Korea, Indonesia, Chine and Vietnam were around 2.60 dollars for a ten hour day and in the U. S. Nike workers were paid between 8 to 11 dollars an hour. Any company would do that for more profits , but the problem was that many of the workers in the Pacific Rim are exploited. In fact, the workers of Pakistan are mainly children. In the past, Nike ignore that problem, claimed that the company was not responsible for the actions of its subcontractors. Nike has excellent profits but at whose expense? Nike tried to change its image with P.L.A.Y. (Participate in the Lives of All Yours). This program saw Nike donating money and sports equipment into athletic programs in schools
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Unformatted text preview: and community groups. But, this support it was only in U.S.’s schools. Also it is know that women workers are forced to work overtime to meat a daily quota which is set unrealistically high. I think that Nike had been acting wrong. The companies have to look after of their employers and Nike had been ignoring them for more than 20 years. The problem increase when Nike tried to cheat the society, Nike contract supervisors to secure that any employer of their contractors were exploited. Unfortunately, the work of these “supervisors” is supervised by Nike. Therefore, the situation continues the same way. This image affect Nike, that is why in the present the priority of Nike is to change all that bad history. Now days one of the principal objectives of Nike is supervise and show to the world that, it is a company that take care of their employers....
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