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Tambrands is a very big company; it is the leading company in the tampons market. Tambrands has the 90 percent in sells of North America and Europe and if we consider that the principal market for tampons is in those parts of the world, therefore, Tambrands is the principal company in the tampons market in the world. In the last years Tambrands had been having the intension to expand their market to the rest of the world, with the same success that it has in the Unites States. So , Tambrands started a world publish camping. Tambrands divide the world in 3 clusters. The cluster 1 integrates those countries in which the women do not have any problem using tampons. In fact the women in that countries prefer to use tampons. The cluster 2 is those countries that have more resistance to the use of tampons, but Tambrands has the possibility to approach to that market without many problems. In the other hand, we have the cluster 3 in which, cultural and religious barriers vary. It is composed of that countries that have more resistance for the tampons use. There
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