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Alan’s research. The article is about the foreign venture that had Silver Steak, a young US franchise, into Mexican market. USA has been an impressive growth of franchising in the list 25 years. USA is a very competitive market for franchising. The saturation of the market lead to seek other markets. In the last years Mexico has haven an important growth in franchising. This fact incite the Mexican government to change the industrial properly law. This change was the first legal definition of franchising in Mexico. With the doors open, small franchises could enter to the Mexican market without the services of expensive lawyers. Mexico had a growth of 4,200 franchising locations in 1992 and by 1996 the number grew to over 28,000. Silver Steak Restaurant Corporation is a new fast food restaurant in the hamburger business. Its founder ,Alan Simpson, started the corporation in 1988. He and Jim Burgess (the Simpson’s partner in those days) had a Burger King. They thought that there was very expensive invest in a fast food
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