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Some notes before you begin: 1. Update elements from previous phases of the business plan as indicated in this template. 2. Develop the new elements of the business plan outlined in this template. 3. Consult your readings and other sources to appropriately frame your work. Some possible sources of information include: your local bank, chamber of commerce, and/or governmental institution for industry promotion (including through the Internet), as to the specifications they use for these phases of the business plan. This will help you shape your plan within a realistic framework which will increase the possibilities of your project coming to fruition. 4. Cite your sources. This includes in-text and end-of-the-document references. Maintain the APA style format of this template, including title page, headings, font, margins, etc . 5. Limit the development of your paper to the items indicated in this template. You will develop other items of a business plan in other courses or phases of the Portfolio Project. 6.
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MGMT4140DD_Portfolio_Project_Template_97[1] - Some notes...

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